Smart Goals

S) Your goals should be specific in dates, resources and dollar amounts you need to accomplish them.

M)  They should be measurable by the dates working on a time line. Starting with the date of your goal working backwards. It will be easier to achieve if you share your goal with your friends and family and define strategies for staying motivated and on track.

A) your goal should be attainable for your situation,  You may find that you are able to complete part of your call right now. You may need to  learn something new.

R) if your goals are realistic and relevant to your life there will be easier to achieve identify the resources you need to reach them and review and revise them when necessary

T) You need a specific timeline to accomplish your goals since there is never enough time to complete all of your goals immediately you need to write them down in order of priority and make a time line to show when you will start and complete each one.

Flight of Minds

     "Empowering Minds Transforming Lives"

Motivation Life Coach

Reach your full potential

.Envision a life rich with satisfying personal relationships, financial freedom, passion and new-found energy for life; work that you love, and a deep satisfying sense of spiritual fulfillment. Coaching inspires and empowers individuals and businesses to unlock and achieve their full potential. Coaches apply both emotional and rational intelligence to the multi-facetted elements of life and work. With integrating life coaching, Nlp and if necessary combining recommended coaching with other professional and healers we can be sure to create success in each area of your life we are focusing on improving.

Life is for living and to be enjoyed, think of yourself in 20 or 30 years time looking back at your life. What would you want to be doing different to what you are doing now? If the answer is nothing then great, If the answer is something then make those steps today so you can look back with all the people in your life and say, " I am truly amazing and really made a difference" (Once you relies what your gift is share it)

Take Back Control

A Life Coach will normally work with clients once a week in-person. Having that consistent structure provides a supportive framework for whatever you are working on. With a coach, you will have a stronger focus and commitment to take the actions you know are needed to reach your goals. With both the support and professionalism each week you will measure your level of success and achievement and alleviate and discuss any challenges that may arise in the forth coming weeks.

Quit Smoking Today

It’s someone who, together with you, will assist you in coming up with a plan on how to improve your life both personally and professionally, and who will support your actions and acknowledge your achievements. It will help you in all areas of your life, creating a clearer vision on where you want to be going. Its imperative that the goals you are setting for yourself are aligned with your values so not to cause inner conflict. Befor setting any goals I will finding out what your true subconscious core values are and make sure these values are considered when setting your goals. Using the wheel of life we will assess your areas of happiness and see in which areas we can improve to create a more balanced and fulfilled life.


1 Hour  session $200


3 sessions $180each paid in full
6 sessions $170each paid in full
8 sessions $160each paid in full

Weight Loss

 Individuals might seek out a Life Coach to improve specific areas of their lives; such as emotional, physical, relationships, family, financial, spiritual, health, stress or career. You may just want to improve your level of happiness by assessing each area of your life and make positive steps to create a balance. Starting a new career or getting back to work is a great reason to have a life coach. Also we can collaborate with my recommended professionals in creating  a weight loss plan or health and wellness program. WE work together with Nutritionist, Personal trainer, Acupuncturist, Raiki specialist or who ever is required to meet your specific need we will develop a program for you.