What to expect

After your initial consultation of 30 min you can start your first session or book one in there and then. Each session will consist of around 25 min consultation and coaching and a 25 min hypnotherapy session addressing any issues we have spoken about. All sessions are confidential and protected by HIPAA compliant platform that is Encrypted. 


Enjoy the benefits of teletherapy from the comfort of your own home. Start with your free consultation to decipher the best package specifically tailored for your requirements. You also have the option of booking your own appointments online. Check out calendar for regular promotions.

On line teletherapy 

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Clients will be advised to find a relaxed comfortable place that they will be un-interrupted during the session. Hypnotherapy will be performed exactly the same as in person. Each hypnosis session will be specifically to meet the clients needs. The client will have the option of being woken up or setting there alarm to wake themselves up after resting further if they wish.

Guide Lines

All sessions of Life coaching and Hypnotherapy are specifically tailored for the client to get the best results. Clients will be advised to continue their mind health regime during the days between each session. If clients are committed they can maximize their success in improving their quality of life immediately.  


Subscribe to my YouTube channel and receive regular updates on new meditations that will assist you in your journey to mind health. These are just short versions of of longer versions that will be on my app coming out in 2019. Please share to anyone you feel my benefit from these meditations.  

What you need.

All you need is a computer, labtop, smartphone, ipad or tablet. A headset with a microphone and the internet.

Once you access the Theraplatform Hipaa compliant website through the link I send you, we can get started. An Intake forms can be filled out on line before sessions begin.