Mind body connect with Hynosis

It's proven to double your chance of conceiving in the first round of treatment through strong visualizations and mind body connection.
Relieves you from the stress and the pressure of the outcome and bring you back into the present. Strengthens your relationship and focusing on the bigger picture. Converts stumbling blocks into building blocks for navigating through the emotional turmoil. Releases any unknown blockages in your subconscious that creates  strong femininity for successful fertility. Reduces fears of change, letting go of the life as you know it and embraces parenthood. Reduces stress and quiets the mind enabling the body to work at it's optimum level. Works alongside conventional and alternative medicine enhancing  the process. 
It addresses any upcoming problems or challenges in the process making it a less overwhelming experience.

Hypnoexpression (Hypnosis with Art therapy combined) Workshops

Weight Loss, Quit Smoking, Life Coaching 

Meditate Create Motivate

 Each class will be broken up into three parts and focus on a specific area of the wheel of life.Introduction: Reflective question on specific topic.

 1) Powerful timeline meditations assisting you to journey through your minds imagination and connecting with your subconscious mind allowing you to see and feel what it would be like to reach your full potential and follow your dreams.

2) The second part will be a creative expression allowing you to get in touch with your intuition through creativity unlocking the answers to questions you may have about your future. We all have creativity in us now is the time to set it free with out fear “Creativity is the pathway to your higher self.”

 3) Third part will be Motivational really letting those inhibitions go and dancing with music and expressing yourself as you did when you were a child. “Getting motivated and in the right physical mindset to make things happen.”

Rapping up: Goal setting exercise with specific guidlines.

Weight Loss & Quit Smoking

Dare to dream

Whether you are looking to change the direction of an area in your life or simply improve your levels of happiness, coaching is a successful way to get sure results. It will open up immense possibilities and give you the confidence to find the skill set to evaluate your life more clearly. Enabling you to work on areas that are out of balance. We have the capacity to be so much more and make the commitment to ourselves to  improve each area of our lives and intern improving our relationships and level of happiness.. With combining NLP and life coaching you can set new goals and be competent in achieving them. There are very specific strategies to get you were you are to were you need to be and with my collaboration you can be sure to stay on track.


Hypnosis, NLP & Tapping in person & online

Set free your mind!

NLP is a logical school of thought - the methodology that addresses the many levels involved in being human through mind body conection. NLP is a multi-dimensional process that involves the development of behavioral competence and flexibility, it also involves strategic thinking and an understanding of the mental and cognitive processes behind behavior. Hypnotherapy  & EFT Tapping provides tools and skills for the development of states of individual excellence, but it also establishes a system of empowering beliefs and what the motivation behind certain behavior about what human beings are, what communication is and what the process of change is all about. On another level, Its about self-discovery, exploring identity and purpose. It also provides a framework for understanding and relating to the 'spiritual' part of human experience that reaches beyond us as individuals to our family, friends and universal systems. NLP is not only about competence and excellence, it is about wisdom and vision.

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