Initial 90 minute session $399

60 minutes session $299

Package of 3 sessions $270 each paid in full
Package of 6 sessions $260 each paid in full
Package of 9 sessions $250 each paid in full

Letting go and taking back control

There comes a point in ones life when enough is simple enough. There is only so much pain and hurt we can carry around from the past. How much lighter would life be if we simple just put the bag down.  With NLP and hypnosis techniques such as age regretion therapy we can deal with past life traumas and resentments and create new patterns of behavior and thought patterns, empower you to put down that luggage and reconnect to living a happier fulfilled life. The mind is so powerful and can keep us in sadness or propel us into excitement and passion within seconds. Sometimes we don't know why we behavior in a certain way as we have been practicing the same behavior for years.. The subconscious mind controls 88% of our thoughts and behaviors but is sometimes miss guided. Hypnosis  helps create  new possiive patterns and identifies areas that you may need to make shifts. Assisting you in  creating new strategies and behaviors to make a lasting change. .

How does Hypnosis combined with Neuro Linguistic Programing work.

Taking into account the subconscious mind is 1000 times more powerful than the conscious mind, we are likely to ask: What actually controls it? The answer lies in unresolved emotions and patterns of behavior. When we have negative experiences buried in our subconscious mind, they store emotional memories. When triggered they cause a reaction in the body that sets off a cascade of stress hormones, thereby altering our physiology. This can become trapped and disrupt the energy field of body. Eventually, if the blockage isn’t cleared, diseases, depression, fears,anxiety and addictions can develop.
In order to enjoy vibrant health, it’s vitally important to release emotional baggage. Using Hypnosis, NLP techniques and langue patterns I will guide you through your own subconscious mind to release those blockages, unwanted behaviors and emotions that do not serving you and replace then with new healthy patterns of behavior. You may be eating the healthiest foods and taking regular exercise but if the mind is neglected the stress hormones can build up reducing your immune system weakening your body. So think of hypnotherapy and NLP as cleaning out your hard drive to allow your mind to work efficiently and effectively with your body. 



The triad is the basis for our emotional platform and deters what state we are  in or emotion we may feel. The combination of these element can deter whether we have a positive outlook or a negative one on any given situation. For example, Sarah was sacked from a  her new job because of her disability but was paid an extra months wage. She can decide to sue the company and focus on the negative aspect or think great this is the perfect opportunity to start my own business and be paid at the same time. Each having a different out come and creating a different set of emotions. By focusing on developing oneself, taking positive action the person is empowering themselves to be successful. In Sarah's case she decided to take a business study course and produced two business plans. She was able to get a loan from the bank and within the month she was in her own 200ft studio with more than enough clients. That is how powerful the triad is and can be used consciously to create positive actions, emotions and outcomes.

Flight of Minds

    "Empowering Minds Transforming Lives"


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Hypnosis and NLP combined

  •  Weight loss: Hypnotherapy gastric bypass. 100% of my clients have successfully lost weight through hypnosis
  • Fertility programs and IVF support. Studies have shown at Harvard university a 50% success with hypnosis
  •  Anxiety: Working on Physiology, Language and Focus to change the patterns of anxiety and finding the root
  •  Belief change: A limited decision from the past that’s still effects you today and is holding you back
  •  Self esteem and confidence: Building new solid foundations that last by regression.
  •  Stress: Creating strategies in your subconscious mind, allowing you to create calm in your thinking.  
  •  Negative emotion release: Age regretion getting over negative  emotion still left from the past.
  •   Changing a negative behavior or pattern of thought: Going back to the root cause through Core Transformation.
  •   Phobias: Through the fast phobia cure we can eliminate your fear that is potentially holding you back.
  •   Giving up smoking: Solid suggestions to implement in your subconscious mind, to achieve success. 
  •   Overcoming grief: Letting go and dealing with un resolved grief through regression therapy.