Sometimes relationships can be challenging and sometimes they may seem to just flow. It is important to strengthen the emotions that the relationship were built on  in the beginning. Letting go of outside influences and bringing you back to the true importance of what brought you together.  Creating a powerful force between you that will deflect any of life's burdens.  Going deep within your subconscious mind releasing any unwanted behaviors or limited beliefs that are not allowing you to be completely happy together. Strengthening both communication  respect and love. Allowing each other to be who you are without creating limits on the other person's  personality, but also being mindful  and considerate of  each other's wants, needs  and feelings. . Creating a powerful force between you. 


One Hour $200


Packages of

3 sessions $180 each paid in full

6 sessions $170each paid in full

‚Äč8 sessions $160 each paid in full

Flight of Minds

   "Empowering Minds Transforming Lives"


 The first initial stages of pregnancy can be a worrying one. We may be elated  but also uncertain of the future  that we have yet to come. With hypnotherapy I can guide you through each trimester addressing any worries  of the future.  Wether it's welcoming change letting go of life as you know it and being confident in becoming a parent.   Strengthening your relationship with your partner  and addressing any fears he may have of becoming a father.  Creating a peaceful relaxed tranquil mind building confidence and self esteem to enable you to feel  relax and really enjoy the amazing feeling of creating life.   Towards the end of your pregnancy we can address any fears  that you may have of giving  birth.  And you may even decide to have hypobirthing to relax you  in the process and relieve the pain.


Although you may feel that you are in a place that seems surreal after creating this amazing little human being. It can also be a little daunting  with the sleepless nights, painful breast-feeding or the after effects   of birth.   Having a mixture of emotions can sometimes seem overwhelming and may affect your relationship as you settle into motherhood. These emotions can be easily released if  dealing with them as they arise enabling you to put all your energy and love into your beautiful baby.  Strengthening your relationship and letting go of any unwanted fears of being a good mother or parent. Allowing your instincts and nature to do it's job at its best 


There  are many reasons why hypnotherapy has been proven to be successful in creating mind body connection during IVF treatment. Harvard university studies show that you have a  50% higher chance of conceiving in the first round of treatment with mind-body connection.  With hypnotherapy we can reduce stress and bring you back into the present moment creating peace of mind, allowing your body to work at its best. Creating strong visualizations of your womb following each process strengthening the feminine energy within you.  We can also address any feelings of becoming overwhelmed,  letting go of any stress or anxiety making the whole experience more enjoyable one.  I have created an eight session program that supports you through the whole process  from beginning to end. 

Mind Body Conection


With hypnotherapy we can create a mind body connection enabling us to tap into our strongest feminin energy. Letting go of any limited beliefs  and releasing   blockages  in our subconscious mind that may be preventing us from becoming pregnant. Letting go of the pressure and any stress and allowing your body and mind to work in unison together.  Bringing you back to the here and now and just letting go.  Creating and strengthening your relationship with your partner  making the whole experience more enjoyable one.  There are many studies to show the powerful effects that hypnotherapy can have connecting the mind and body together through strong visualizations and guided imagery.