Her mission is to transform people’s lives and provide each client the tools to use the resources they have available within them. To empower them to overcome, obstacles and challenges, eliminating the blockages they may have that are preventing them from living a happy, healthy fulfilled life.  Her main areas of expertise are stress, anxiety, fears, self esteem and confidence. These issues may show up in your life as sleep issues, over eating, smoking or destructive behavior or thought patterns that could be detrimental to your health. Ignoring negative thought patterns or behaviours can lead to seriously health problems. Her job is to assist you in creating new positive patterns of behaviour and learning new strategies to overcome obstacles, transform your life. Through hypnosis and NLP she will give you the tools, clean out the hard drive of your mind and install new positive thought patterns that will work efficiently and effectively for you, teaching you to find a new direction of focus become empowered, enabling you to access the more positive aspects of your thinking and behaviour. We all have the ability to improve our way of thinking that’s healthier for us, sometimes we just need to be given the tools and taught how.


Through her creativity Joanne had a strong connection to the power of her intuition and empathy, often having a sense for what people were feeling and often wondered if she was on the right path of her career.  She had manifested every thing she put her mind to and was able to travel in the slower months to many countries around the world which created a longing to be near the ocean in warmer climates. After traveling to Miami she decided she loved it so much she took the leap of faith, despite having, financial security, a thriving business, home, car, friends and family and moved with in 6 months to start a new life.


Flight of Minds Joanne Burgess Bio

Joanne Burgess has come from a highly successful artistic family background. Growing up with dyslexia Joanne had many challenges and obstacles put in her way. These challenges continued throughout her studies as a fashion designer but despite all this, she graduated at "The University of the creative Arts' in London.  Because of her struggles with dyslexia she developed a strong sense of humor making people laugh with her wit. She became very strong willed and pushed forward with her dreams. There was nothing she could not accomplish when putting her mind to it and at 22 she bought her first property and 27 created her own fashion business  in London. Her designs were shown in Paris and London and featured in Editorials in top London Magazines. She designed gowns  for celebrities that were featured in top celebrity magazine ‘Hello”. Although she was very successful in her career she was challenge with dealing with stress and anxiety through past and present emotions and stress but began to learn strategies to deal with these emotions to enable her to stay on the upward spiral of happiness.


After moving to Miami her sister was struggling through her teens with her emotional trauma and depression. Both had been set off by significant life events.. Unable to bear the effect of these events, she attempted suicide. It was at this time she was sent to Miami to spend two months with her big sister. Through distraction, reminiscing about fun times and creating new ones for the present and the future her sister was able to focus on the positive aspects of life, changing the patterns in her mind. When she returned to England she had a new look on life was able to continue without medication, which is when she met her husband and had 2 beautiful daughters. It was at this point that my mission was born. 

She new she wanted to seek a more fulfilling career with a more meaning full purpose. This is when she discovered NLP and her career as a Hypnotherapist and Master Practitioner of NLP began.  She believes that we all are amazing beings and her job is to motivate people and give them the tools to use what they have within them to be the very best they can be. Part of her training as an NLP coach was to walk on 1000 degree burning hot coals, bare feet and she did it. This proved to her that the brain is as powerful as she believed and has an immense control over the body., way more than we have been conditioned to believe. In order to enjoy vibrant health, it’s vitally important to release emotional baggage. Using Hypnosis, NLP techniques and langue patterns she guides people through their own subconscious mind to release those blockages, unwanted behaviors and emotions that do not serve them. They may be eating the healthiest foods and taking regular exercise but if the mind is neglected the stress hormones can build up reducing their immune system weakening the body followed by sickness.

Joanne Burgess

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