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My personal mission is to assist you into connecting with your subconscious mind opening up blockages and releasing unwanted behaviors and emotional states that stop you from being truly happy and healthy most of the time. Assisting you through your subconscious mind into building strategies enabling you to deal with your emotional and thought pattern that do not serve you. Allowing you to gain more control over your behavior thoughts and emotions.


After all we deserve to live a healthy, happy fulfilled life the best way we can. Becoming at peace within ourselves and with whom we spend our time with. Making our life more enjoyable and giving us the energy to push forward in which area we choose becoming the version of ourselves. Together through these powerful techniques we can really make a difference, create a happier healthy you!

Fertility, IVF &     Pregnancy

Harvard University studies show that with mind body connection increases the success rate by  50 % within the first 6 months.


Coaching & EFT

Hypnosis with NLP & Tapping is a powerful combination that  quickly release emotions and stuck states in the subconscious mind. Personal and online therapy available.

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Live a healthier happier life!

& Weight Loss 

Fertility, IVF & Pregnancy



  •  Reduction of stress & anxiety
  •  Fertility programs and IVF support
  •  Grief and forgiveness 
  • ADHD Focusing and confidence.
  • Age regression therapy
  •  Conquering  phobias
  •  Weight loss programs.
  • Gastric band hypnotherapy
  •  Giving up smoking
  •  Building confidence, self esteem
  •  Confidence in public speaking
  •  Setting & achieving goals
  •  Sports performance 
  •  Balancing mind body and spirit

 Workshops and Programs

Hypnoexpression workshops and hypnotherapy programs in weight loss, quit smoking, life coaching and more. 

Weight Loss & Quit Smoking

100% of my clients have successfully lost weight consistently and smokers of 40 years successfully quit after 1 to 3 sessions with hypnotherapy. 





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